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Name: Elle
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Name: Sora Himoto
Age: 16
Game Handle: Sora
Canon: Shitsurakuen

Appearance: here you go.

Personality: In day-to-day living, Sora is fairly spacey. 'Not particularly apt at school' is putting it nicely, and she tries to get out of any extra reading or bookwork if at all possible. Honestly, she's a total idiot. A jock, almost, but she makes up for it with her blinding optimism. She's cheerful and affectionate to her friends - even if her relationship with them often borders on polygamous romance - and friendly with everyone she meets. (She is pretty much incapable of distrust.) She tries to play the mediator in arguments or squabbles, but is generally ineffectual unless directly defending someone with the clear moral high-ground.

Sora latched onto the tales of Arthurian valour and epic quests when she was still very young, and devoted her life to emulating the 'true knight' of the stories. As such she is chivalrous and devoted above and beyond what would be usual or even healthy. Essentially a paladin, her strengths are her courage and willpower; she falls short on cunning, suspicion or any ability to gauge someone's character whatsoever. She will help anybody in need of it, and anyone who offers to help her will be met with enthusiasm and gratitude, even if they're obviously leading her into a trap. However, her tendency to show faith towards anyone has also netted her some strong friendships and alliances, so she sees no reason to stop now. No matter how cruel, reprehensible or frankly psychotic someone acts to or around her, she will continue to help them until her dying breath.

When pushed, her determination and conviction reach ungodly heights; she's endured extended, painful attacks in order to save the original victim - in canon she readily impales herself on a spear in order to strike at someone behind her with no reaction other than a smile for the girl she's saving; she's been beaten up when she charged into a gang to defend a girl and seen it as worthwhile... essentially, pain, humiliation and the like are on a lower rung of her personal priority ladder than, say, keeping a promise or protecting someone, and the latter is worth infinitely more to her. A failure to protect someone is enough to induce a heroic BSOD, even imagining that a person close to her is suffering without any means of rescue is enough to cause her extreme distress. She puts her own life below those of her friends, strangers and even enemies, and would never hesitate to sacrifice herself to save someone. Even though friends will try to dissuade her of this idea because, hey, self-destructive much?, she can't help but return to it in times of crisis.

She has promised to protect her friends from everything and anything that might threaten them, and it is entirely certain that she will do the same for anyone else who crosses her path in the future.

AU History: Raised amongst her fairly poor foster family as an only child, Sora spent most of her childhood running around her estate doing all of the usual childhood things like falling over things, climbing things, attaching herself to other children like a tiny limpet, and bleeding. Sometimes all of these at once, and copiously. She established herself as a protector early on, becoming the guardian of another young girl called Tsuki. Tsuki was Sora's best friend, but really didn't know how to play nice with other kids. Jealous of Sora's attentions, she tried to limit their interactions with any other children. When Sora inevitably broke this unspoken rule to be young and exhuberant with people who weren't this friend, she threw a tantrum and attacked Sora with a knife, leaving a scar in the shape of an 'X' on her forehead. The months in hospital and the mental trauma caused her to repress all memory of this incident, her foster parents didn't know how to handle the jealous, violent Tsuki, and nothing was done about it. Their friendship went on. Sora continued to play the part of the knight protector; continued to train and excel in her physical education, steadily picking up more confidence and ability as the years passed; and continued to lavish attention on her friend.

Two years ago she turned sixteen, moved to a new school, and made a startling number of friends in a very-- no, that's what would have happened if Tsuki hadn't carefully sabotaged every attempt she made to befriend her classmates. Two years on and whilst she has quite a significant fanbase in the school for her cheerfulness and her tendency to come to the aid of anyone and everyone who might possibly require it, she still has no actual close friends other than Tsuki. As much as this troubles her, it has never and will never occur to Sora to blame her friend for this.

Whilst Sora is a jock through-and-through, Tsuki has become quite the tech wizard. Sword Art Online is a big story, and she's been following it enough that even Sora has ended up entranced by the setting and the promise of a fully immersive battle system. "You can play it for me, Sora," says Tsuki one day, loathe to actually take part in something as childish as a video game. And so, arriving early at her friend's house one day, Sora absently and with absolutely no foresight activates the strange helmet gizmo on the desk.

First Person:
SUBJECT: Please help!!
MESSAGE: does anyone know where I can find a [Tail Of The White Fox]? An npc really wants it but I've never seen an item called that before... :( I'll trade whatever you want for it but just telling me where it is would be great!

Hey! [ yells Sora, from the steps leading up to the teleport gate ] Is anyone going into the dungeon today? If you are, let's make a party!

[ she'll stand there repeating this for the next three hours or until someone accepts. Whichever happens first. ]

Third Person:
Sora's breakdown is slow but abrupt - too stupid to get it, Tsuki would say - a flurry of thoughts and half-imagined problems that have nothing to do with her and everything to do with the sobbing players around her. What can she do? She doesn't know anything about this game apart from how to kill boars. Her first day was spent glorying in battle, in protecting her party, in levelling her sword skills and trading pieces of beast fur for healing items. That she can do, but... but this? It's too complicated, too lofty a problem for her. She's holding the hand of the girl beside her, even though the grip is painfully tight even in this virtual world, and when the mirrors shatter their virtual selves and rebuild them into replicas of their real selves, the hand she's holding is that of a middle-aged man.

She doesn't recoil, but he does, stammering something and running for the exit with at least half of the assembled players. She stares after him - after all of them - and then scans the remaining crowd. Their cries awaken other worries in her: Tsuki will have found her body by now, but Sora trusts that she won't try to remove the 'Gear. She's too smart for that, and anyway, isn't she still alive, thinking this? That's sure proof that she can believe that Tsuki will take care of her real body. Now she has to do her part. Clear the game... wasn't it? That's a goal, that's a physical, attainable thing she can strive towards.

She'll need help, friends who understand the system, who've gamed before. Weapons, stats, numbers, things she has no idea about. Who know the best places to fight or where she'll need to be to protect the most people. But she believes in them too. She hasn't met them yet, but she knows she will.

She ignores the slight tremor running through her entire body at the enormity of the task ahead of them.

"I'll protect everyone here," she says, to no one in particular, shaking the tremors out of her hand and opening the inventory.
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1. action

[ SO. Sora is your Weapon for whatever reason, but before you can use her in battle, she needs to explain how it works! Which she's been doing for a few minutes now. ]

I guess how it works is... Um, basically, I have to be moving and dancing to unlock the sword's true power! So I'll do that when the battle starts, and you'll get stronger, okay? And don't worry about them attacking me to stop the power, I won't let your strength falter for even a second!

2. prose

"Alien... history?" Sora stared blankly at the chalkboard and the weird letters on it. No matter how she looked at it, those weren't words. Were they? Well, she didn't know any letters anyway, but didn't English look different, somehow? Less... "Pointy," she decided aloud. "English is less pointy than that. So if it isn't English..."

And that wasn't even starting on what they were being taught. She was so very, utterly confused.

[the 'lost in the woods' situation all over again.]

['training in the gymnasium']

['in class'. In this case: History of the Hidden Ninja Villages]

['at mealtimes']


Dec. 12th, 2010 02:24 pm
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Name: Sora Himoto (AU)
Age: 16
Subject taught: N/A but let's face it, she'll probably start some kind of harem accidentally.
Canon: Shitsurakuen
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